At a loss for a catchy title

This week seemed to drag on forever…but then again, maybe because I’m still sleeping at odd hours and in odd intervals. I think my body is trying to revert back to its usual night-shift schedule since I worked nights for the past 7 or so years. I try to sleep at night so I can do things during the day, but so far I’ve been losing that battle.

I heard from Tony on Facebook earlier this week and then brief phone call about Wednesday to let me know that he was at his post in Iraq. Apparently, after leaving Ireland, they were grounded in Romania for 24 hours due to mechanical issues with their plane. He said that was not a pleasant experience and he was glad when they left. He sounds tired and frustrated, but at least he’s where he’s supposed to be now and hopefully he can get some rest.

I’ve been trying to get back to work and that has been a rather interesting experience. I’ve never worked at a federal hospital before – I’m trying to get agency work at Winn Army Community Hospital here on post (can’t beat the commute!) – and I feel like it’s one huge paper chase. By the time I get to work, all of my annual stuff will have expired and I’ll have to chase after those renewals, too – like my TB test, an MDs release that says yeah, I can do the work of an ICU RN. I used to live here in GA and I don’t remember things being so difficult just to get a job. Maybe I was spoiled in TX…but then again, maybe because I’ve never been out of work for a solid 7 months before. That is one thing that I’m so thankful Tony has allowed me to do: Not work until I wanted to go back, despite the financial hardship these past 3 or so months. I don’t want us to be struggling any longer and since he’s not here, I might as well get back to work and back into school. I only have about a year left on my BSN so I might as well get that over with, too.

I’m trying to not sit at home staring at the PC and the phones. Some days I win the battle, some days I lose the battle.

One thought on “At a loss for a catchy title

  1. I can relate to you when my husband deployed in the past (3 times). I went through all the deployments and I can just tell you that going back to school and looking for a job are the greatest ideas. Look for productive things to do, even when I know you will suffer if you miss that call, we all go thorugh the same feelings.Please do not get discourage, do not worry, EVERYTHING will be fine. Please send my salute to your husband and I am looking forward to see how life goes at your end 🙂

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