Natural-born Hermit

Hmmm…maybe I’ve moved from song titles to movie titles…

The Hermit from a deck of Tarrot cards.

Yeah, it’s been a couple of weeks. My days seem to run together so instead of writing the same thing over and over, I let this go for a bit. Tony and I have talked on the phone a couple of times, and while that doesn’t seem like much, I prefer having him on the phone for about 2 hours instead of daily 15 minute phone calls. He’s been working hard at getting his weight/tape and PT flags lifted – those are only things standing between him and a promotion. So rather than him hiking the mile, mile-and-a-half every night to the internet cafe/phone banks, he’s calling me once a week and sending Facebook messages every few days. Sometimes we talk twice a week, but I’d rather he concentrate on his PT so he can get those flags off. He knew when he left Fort Polk (LA) that he’d get flagged here for his weight/tape measurements and for the fact that he can’t do his 2-mile run in 17 mins or less. He hates running, so for him to be working on it daily in Iraq means he’s either deadly serious about this promotion or he’s bored to tears. Maybe both. He says this deployment is nothing like his first two but I doubt he’s decided if that’s good or bad yet. He also works a good 12-hours/day starting with the time he gets up in the mornings until the time he’s officially off of work. Some days may be shorter, some may be longer, but 12 is a pretty good average. The last time we talked he told me that he was put in charge of the aid station pharmacy. I’m so proud of him! I know he thinks he’s just an average soldier, but he never gives himself enough credit. Tony is a good soldier and he’s working on being a better one. Yeah, “proud of him” is a complete understatement. Right now I can’t find the platitudes to describe him, but I’ll work on that.

I’ve reverted back to semi-hermit status. I still don’t have a regular sleep schedule. Some nights I’m up all night, other times I’m asleep by 2100. Still working on the job situation. I swear if I have to fill out one more form that seems to come to me as an afterthought, I’ll scream. I’ve started walking at the short track – meaning it’s 400 meters/lap as opposed to a 2-mile/lap circuit – with one of my friends. We’ve gone out for coffee a few times as well. Sometimes I think she’s like the other sister I never had, and I love playing with her kids even if I don’t have the Mommy Gene. I can see that this whole exercise gig is going to be a challenge because I think I hate getting out in the heat and humidity as much as Tony hates running. I’d like to get 50 pounds off by R&R, but right now I’ll settle for walking 5 nights/week. I swear, this exercise’ll kill me!

Time for the hermit to sign off. Thanks for journeying along with me so far!

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