Having so much fun should be illegal…

Yeah...sure I do.

Yeah…sure I do.


Feels like that’s about all I do these days, between trying to steal some time chatting with Tony on Skype. Still, I volunteered to pick up the extra days, the extra call shifts, so I shouldn’t bitch too much.

But I’m tired. That means I’m entitled to a little bit of bitching. At least that’s what it means in my book.

The money is good but the hours are bad. I guess all of the work helps to keep me busy. At least I don’t think (too much) about the boxes of “household decor” that I’ve not unpacked yet and don’t really have an inclination to do so. Should I keep all of that Lenox china stuff from my first marriage? I mean, really…should I? Some of it’s pretty, but they were wedding gifts back in 1984….oh hell, I’ll decide tomorrow. Right now, I’d rather take a nap.

We’re on the downhill slide of the deployment. A mere 90 days, give or take 14 days. Aside from that rather nasty patch of endless criticism, anger, and hurtful words, this really hasn’t been as bad of an experience as I thought it would be.

Bring on July! I’m ready for my husband to be home. Gotta go – nap time.

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