2 thoughts on “The nurse who broke protocol~

  1. The fist nurse truly a medical professional ! Second nurse no excuse review of her nursing license and makes me wonder her nursing skills in care of person or person’s in her care . Bad call to leave and go about her business felling not well . She did not just effect the folks she share on the plane but many , many more and family . I have lived around the world and seen what can and his happening . I suggestion in service education on what is out there in virus and how spread and time frames . Younger generations have no idea of the great plague and how fast it spread . The ones that lived stay in and had one family member to find food and water . And that person out by the door just one example .I pray the families and medical staff stay well and the nurses a recovery for a full life.

  2. So well said. I have been a nurse for 31 years. Four of those were spent in a medical unit back in 1983 when HIV did not have a name and gloves were only a thought. Exposure was an afterthought when every orifice had a tube of some sorts and a patient is bleeding out before your eyes. As you said, I am not implying heroism. We go into nursing because of our dedication to help others and when we make a difference, that is the reward. When we don’t succeed, we are the first to blame ourselves. So others do not need to be so quick to critique or pass blame. If the outcome had been different, would this nurse be saluted for a job well done. Doubtful!! So many times we put ourselves in less than optimal situations to help those in need. That is what nursing means to most of us. The CDC should not point out possible mistakes but work harder to make sure protocols are in place to prevent this from happening again.

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